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Mopepa Home is the company's luxury furniture brand, offering innovative and uniquely designed pieces to complete your home. Perfected through 70 years of experience. All pieces are finely crafted with unmatched quality and the finest materials to ensure both elegance and durability. Creating high-end furniture and furnishing solutions with the perfect balance of design, style and comfort. All products are made with relentless attention to detail and a passion for excellence, answering the growing demands of the luxury lifestyle market for high quality and distinctive furniture.

Mopepa Home's North Coast Gallery offers our collection of outdoor furniture, décor and home accessories. Every collection features an abundance of new inspirations and designs. With a wide product range, Mopepa Home is your furniture destination. You'll find everything you'll need to transform your homes into a true getaway, because no home is truly complete without a piece of Mopepa.

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